Product Support with No Wait List

Key Advantages

Reduce MTTR
iBiioST2 ZTS reduces mean time to respond (MTTR) down to minutes, eliminates phone calls, wait times and complex data gathering.
Auto Data Collection
Data auto collection ensures relevant debugging data is collected and published to ensure quick turnaround and incident resolution.
Self Diagnostics
Industry first self diagnostics, an intuitive feature combined with ZTS ensures auto-remediation of the iBiioST2 product.

Feature Definition

iBiioST2 Zero Touch SupportTM , (ZTSTM ) a key feature of iBiioST2 V4.0, is designed to deliver product support with no phone call, email or support portal login by the end user. This industry first support process can be started with multiple triggers:
  1. User initiated by iBiioST2 web UI as a workflow via the Orchestral Support Pack

  2. User triggered through the omni communication channel, viz. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Twitter, etc.

  3. Triggered by organization’s existing ServiceNow, Remedy, etc.

  4. Embedded intelligence in iBiioST2 to start ZTS workflow based on rules and thresholds delivering in-built self diagnostics feature with no human intervention.

The ZTS workflow programmatically creates a support incident ticket on the support portal. It also auto collects all relevant data and forwards this data to support to allow for instant triaging and alerting of the’s Customer Success Center.

The Conventional Problem

Conventional TAC Support Models not only take far longer, but they also leave you frustrated waiting on hold and hoping that you get someone knowledgeable on the phone. Only to then realize that there was additional data you needed to collect resetting the entire wait time.'s ZTS Solution

A key issue of any modern support system is its connectivity. iBiioST2 ZTS rises to this challenge by ensuring that multiple triggers are able to start the solution. Whether it be interacting directly with the web UI, a message through our omni communcation channel that accepts Microsoft Teams, Slack, and others, or going through a traditional support ticketing system such as ServiceNow or Remedy, iBiioST2 ZTS is ready. iBiioST2’s self diagnostic feature gives the ability to set rules and thresholds on existing workflows that are set to automatically trigger the data collection and ticket generation for a support ticket. This allows the support teams to already we working on issues, even if a customer is asleep and has not yet notified us of the issue.
iBiioST2 ZTS: Takes as few as 1-2 minutes depending on automatic data collection. A Stress Free Alternative that will not only speed up your support tickets, but will also ensure all relevant data is collected.

Getting Started

iBiioST2 is available as a free 45-day Proof of Value evaluation. To get started, just click the "FREE TRIAL" button at the top of this page and complete the Trial Request Form. If you'd like to see a demo first, just click the "Book an iBiioST2 Demo" button below to book a date/time that works best for you. Otherwise, you can get started by emailing us at

Ready to see for yourself?

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