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Database and Server Operations
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Composer Benefits

Rapid Provisioning Improved Customer Experience
With the new server workflow being able to be completed in 3 minutes, servers were online for production within two days after being requested by clients.
Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Deployments
The IT team itself was able to concentrate more on the new tasks involved in operating cloud-based servers for their clients.
Accelerated Time to Revenue
Revenue that would have otherwise been lost as servers sat in house for up to 6 weeks was able to be collected with no revenue delays.
Dramatic Error Reductions and No Costly Rework
With Composer handling the heavy lifting, clients were extremely satisfied at the new web scale speeds which had replaced the manual process that they had come to grow accustomed to. Now that’s orchestration.

Challenge: Moving to the Cloud

  • Leaders at a Fortune Top 25 company had decided that it was time to make the switch from client-server on prem software to providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud based service. Not only was their IT team not prepared to operate a public cloud, but they had to delegate the procurement, installation and deployment of over 300 physical servers. Though they split into 4 sub-groups to tackle this challenge, the entire provisioning task required nearly 6 weeks to accomplish due to a simple lack of organizational agility.

  • The company was losing out on revenue from the servers sitting idle for so long during the provisioning process. Customers would question why they were not able to immediately utilize the services, and instead would be stuck waiting, while the company was also stuck waiting to be able to collect revenue.

The Conventional Workflow Approach

Manual Process: 6 Weeks with Lost Server Revenue (see Figure 1 below).

DC Operator starts server provisioning and creates a ServiceNow ticket.

NetOps, ServerOps and SecOps teams pass the task back and forth at different priority levels as they operate through the manual new server provisioning process.

NetOps and SecOps update the ServiceNow ticket and give to the business side. Business now adds the task of contacting the customer to their hundreds of other tasks.

Figure 1 – Server Provisioning Before Composer's Composer Solution

Using the companies knowledge of what would work most efficiently for installing a single server, a workflow was outlined, built, tested and deployed utilizing Composer. All of the same profile applications, tools and integrations were able to be utilized to ensure the company trusted the automated process.

The company ran their penetration tests dependent on a number specified by the customer, this was able to be added to the automation as well with the Composer workflow messaging out to request an input for how many tests the specific customer profile required.

All of the same tasks, but now automated. Composer was able to bring the new server provisioning process down from 6 weeks to just 3 minutes. Including the physical servers needing to be installed the company was able to receive and have servers running within 2 days.
Composer: 3 Minutes with No Revenue Delays (see Figure 2 below).
Figure 2 – Composer Server Update Workflow

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