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We aim to conquer the complexity of modern IT infrastructure through orchestration & automation solutions that make digital transformation a reality for the world's largest organizations.
Our platform leverages event-driven automation to intelligently orchestrate workflows across IT & business support infrastructure of arbitrary complexity and across functional areas - at scale.
We are a team of experienced tech-industry professionals seizing an opportunity to conquer the chaos and complexity of IT and business support infrastructure across functional silos, to effectively achieve business goals.

Company Culture

What does company culture look like here at Orchestral.ai?  One of the key pillars that supports our organizational culture is our maniacal focus on the success of our clients.  Everyone in our organization is in the business of serving our clients, motivated by the goal to anticipate the needs of our clients.  Although we are unable to think of everything under the sun that pertains to our clients, we believe it is fundamentally important to be active listeners and ask for constructive criticism.  How can we improve?  What can we do better? Our goal is to strive each and every day towards a positive impact over time through regular incremental changes to our methods and procedures..

Core Values

One of the core Orchestral.ai values is defining and assuring business value for our clients. If we are unable to deliver demonstrable business value, then we will not engage in a “Proof of Value” (POV) project consuming time, money and effort on the part of all participants. By clearly defining how our platform specifically provides value to the client and mapping this to their organizational goals and objectives, we ensure that our client’s stakeholder benefits easily justifies the costs of implementation and operation.

Leadership Team

Ravi Rao
Ravi Rao leads Orchestral with years of experience as a technologist and entrepreneur. He is responsible for defining and delivering Orchestral's vision of the AI-Driven Autonomous Infrastructure
Marshall Bartoszek
EVP, Chief Value Officer
Marshall Bartoszek heads Orchestral's top-line team. He is responsible for engaging with Orchestral's customers with a focus on aligning the Company's solutions to ensure maximum business impact.
Dale Smith
EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Dale Smith heads Orchestral's revenue operations team. He is responsible for ensuring Orchestral delivers extraordinary customer experiences throughout the lifecycle of customer engagement.
Vivek Datar
EVP, Engineering
Vivek Datar heads Orchestral's product engineering team. He is responsible for ensuring that the platform strategy and product roadmap result in products that delight Orchestral's customers.


Par Botes
EVP, RevOps
Par is Chief Product Officer for Ghost Locomotion. He is a subject matter expert in the fields of distributed systems, AI/ML, cluster computing and operating systems.
Paul Chapman
EVP, RevOps
Cisco VP, former CIO at HP and Box after leading VMware's Global Infrastructure and Cloud Operations. A sought-after speaker on challenges of Digital Transformation.
Stuart Evans
EVP, Engineering
Sought after a board member, educator, author, and expert on dynamic high-tech ventures. Distinguished Service Professor and Director of the CMU-Emirates iLab.
Lane Patterson
EVP, Engineering
Founder & CEO of Patterson Technologies, Co-Founder of EdgeUno Inc. and expert in infrastructure architecture, DevOps and large-scale data center operations..
Bharath Yadla
EVP, Engineering
Serial entrepreneur, Forbes Council member, seasoned executive and Workato VP with expertise in AI, RPA, analytics and Transformation advisory for CxOs.
Dmitri Zimine
Founder & Leader of the StackStorm Open Source Project. Respected and well-known technologist and subject matter expert in workflow process automation.

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Automation in the IT industry is accelerating in response to the challenges of Digital Transformation. This is a particularly exciting time to be innovating at the nexus of automation, orchestration, artificial intelligence and related technologies as enterprise architecture evolves to meet the demands of the 21st century. If this sounds interesting to you, drop us an email at info@orchestral.ai and tell us how you can help us change the world of IT automation.

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