Event Driven Workflow Automation

Key Advantages

Vendor Agnostic
Composer ZTS reduces mean time to respond (MTTR) down to minutes, eliminates phone calls, wait times and complex data gathering.
Robust Integrations
Data auto collection ensures relevant debugging data is collected and published to ensure quick turnaround and incident resolution.
Automate and orchestrate across infrastructure technology domains whether it be network, server, storage, security, cloud or computing.
Open API
API to integrate Composer with 3rd-party systems and custom applications such as self-service user portals or ITSM systems.
Highly Customizable
A flexible event-driven and highly extensible architecture ensures the broadest scope of use cases across the most complex infrastructure.
Open Source Supported
Powered by the open source StackStorm project, Composer delivers the enterprise grade hardening for large-scale production deployments.
Highly Scalable
Scalable for any use case imaginable.
DIY Workflows
DIY workflows ranging from chat notification to complex automated server provisioning.

Product Definition

Composer by Orchestral is an event-driven business workflow automation platform that leverages the open source StackStorm. As an enterprise grade workflow automation platform Composer features an intuitive drag-and-drop Workflow Design Studio, a design canvas to create complex cross-domain process workflows of arbitrarily high complexity. Proven to reduce mean time to resolution from days to minutes, Composer extends beyond automation with a vast list of integrations across diverse IT and non-IT domains. Additionally, Composer features LDAP and RBAC security, as well as a web-based Admin UI for managing Composer components.

Cross Domain Integrations

Figure 1 – Architecture of Composer by


Product Specifications

Ordering Information

Composer comprises the StackStorm automation platform and a vast list of integrations for different IT and non-IT domains. The automation platform includes all required services, LDAP and RBAC security, the Web-based Admin Ul for managing Composer components and the Workflow Design Studio for creating new workflow code using drag-and-drop methods.
* Includes LDAP, RBAC security, the Designer Ul, and Orchestral TechSupport.
** There are over 450 integrations available. Please contact’s Client Development Team for specific SKU numbers and pricing.

Getting Started

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