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Security Management
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Composer Benefits

Easily Augment Existing Security Policies & Tooling’s Composer was able to adapt its cross-domain orchestration view to mimic the existing business process as is, giving the customer the peace of mind to not have to rip and replace any existing security tools.
Keep Customers Happy & Data Access Secure
Instead of building up a back log of frustrated customers waiting hours for financial updates, the companies customers were able to access the data in seconds, giving a better opinion of the company and higher trust that data would be accessible when needed.
Eliminate Sources of Human Error
The repetitive task of providing and removing security access manually had become error prone. Now with Composer’s automation these tasks were orchestrated at a high level of efficiency and with 100% accuracy.

Challenge: Manual Security Access Changes

  • A large financial services company had been afflicted by a common enterprise-grade ailment: inability to update security policies on time. Customer access to secure and confidential data was being hampered by the speed at which the access could be manually provided by the SecOps team. This slow access to data led to customer issues on making business decisions and questions of whether the service was worthwhile.

  • This manual processing of requests led to backed up request logs, where a new request would take upwards of 4 hours to satisfy, at which time the request would no longer be relevant leaving a disgruntled customer.

  • The companies question became, how can we automate the CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations for the security policies while maintaining our existing tools and policies.

The Conventional Workflow Approach

Manual Process: 3-4 Hours for Each Operation With Potential Errors (see Figure 1 below).

A User Request to update their security policy leads to a ServiceNow ticket being created with a selected existing policy to manually change.

SecOps team members now manually go through entering the changes that were selected. Manually checking the updated policies and hoping they have not been updated incorrectly.

SecOps team members go through the commit and push phases of deployment for each device group specified, then a final check to ensure the new policies are updated. ServiceNow record is now updated and closed.

Figure 1 – Manual Security Policy Update Before Composer's Composer Solution

In addressing this solution, the team was able to scope out the existing process, comply with all existing customer integrations including the ServiceNow ticketing system and pinpoint precisely which elements would be automated. Utilizing Composer’s Palo Alto security pack was able to orchestrate on-demand access to any secure data and remove that access after a specified time frame. 

With Composer’s flexibility to interact with both ServiceNow and Panorama, nothing needed to change from the existing tools and policies, instead the CRUD operations for the security policy updates were automated via the Composer workflow engine. 

An end-to-end SecOps solution was written with the ability to orchestrate all CRUD operations for new or existing security policies. In doing so, Orchestral provided the Day 0, 1, and Day N phases of operation for the company’s new secured network.
Composer: < 1 Minute with 100% Accurate Entries (see Figure 2 below).
Figure 2 – Composer Automated Security Policy Update

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